Thursday, 15 October 2015

Snag golf

SNAG GOLF from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

                                                                   Kiwi sport Snag Golf,

Today me and my class experienced a new sport, Snag golf. Snag means (Starting, new, at, golf). snag golf is a coaching system that teaches beginners the ropes of golf, this technique is easy to teach and learn. Snag golf is all about having fun while learning the basics. I myself had fun playing this sport. 

How to play: 
First you need a Velcro board, you can play this game in any environment, second you need a tennis ball x3. Now you have the basics, there should be points on the Velcro board in the middle of the board there will be 1 point, that one point is the highest point in the game so the middle would be your priority. there will be 3 points on the sides also, they are the lowest points on the board.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Science experiments, Rocket

This is my work I completed with my group, T.J and Niko. This work is a reflection task we made yesterday for our science experiment.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Date scones - food tech

Last week  at food tech we made date scones.

Underground explorers

Skyrim poem- Peaceful play

As a civil war rages, starving for ages,
I am legend straight out of lore,
slaying the undead with my o.p chillrend I might need to get some soul gems.
I went my own way avoided the main quest for days,
travelled across skyrim from markarth to riften
ruins, wolves and bandits galore
dragons shouting their mighty roar,

Fighting to save my life,
can’t tell which side of the civil war is right.
Making friends all day long
killing enemies with a dragon song,
having to look for ancient nord shards, forced into the guild and dark brotherhood,
doing the opposite of what a good person should.
           the tombs of the dead sleep mercifully in the ground
waiting for someone like me to walk around.
I am the listener
I am the guild master
I am.... dragonborn

         I joined the stormcloaks fight although I regret that decision,
because now, I think the empire’s right.
No more weakness, no more pain
there are no more imperials, to slay,
no more loot, no more septims I spent it all, yesterday,

I train with the greybeards and fight with blades,
I sharpen my thu’um, with paarthurnax, though there’s a decision to be made  
with the dragonrend in my heart and the elder scroll in my hand
I head to sovngarde to take Alduin from my land.

We stand face to face, a fire in my hand
he spread his wings apart and gave a short laugh
“Im impressed dovahkiin”
He says with a grin
“any last words?”
I smiled, opened my mouth and shouted


This is my peaceful play poem I made last week. It's about a game I play, Skyrim.

Food technology- Pizza

On Friday, at food tech we made pizza.

Game invention- Hand soccer

Last week our job was to make a game for our junior class to play. My group's game didn't work out well so we had to come up with a game from scratch, the game was called hand soccer, it was already invented but we didn't mind.